What is Rankage?

Rankage has earned its distinction as the world’s leading Alexa Ranking Authority. Our comprehensive approach to improving Alexa rank for our clients’ websites and blogs comes from an innovative process that has been refined for over 5 years in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with truly measurable and visible results that positively impact their businesses.

What is Alexa?

Alexa has been around for 14 years checking and ranking the traffic levels for every site online. It is owned by the Amazon company and its main purpose is to rank other websites based on the traffic that they receive. The lower the Alexa rank the more traffic the site gets.

Is there a relationship between Alexa and Google?

There is a relationship between Google and Alexa which is what truly makes Alexa important. First if you install the Alexa toolbar you will notice that it implements Google search into the toolbar. The exact relationship is unknown to the public. This is not uncommon as Google does not give out information on its search engines algorithm. The algorithm is what ranks sites in the search engines for Google. It is thought that the Alexa ranking system has an impact on the Google rankings. This alone makes it important to have a higher Alexa rating.

Are there any requirements to use Rankage?

There is no requirement upon our clients’ websites. We can achieve the goal rank even if the website is a new one without rank. You only need to give us the URL.

Is using Rankage stable?

Yes. We have many servers located around the world, which ensures a stable service.

Why do I need to increase the Alexa rankings of my site?

  1. To attract more and quality clients.
  2. To earn higher advertisement income.
  3. To be ready to trade on the NASDAQ stock market.
  4. To perform well on NASDAQ.
  5. To increase membership fee.
  6. To receive an angel investment.
  7. To better promote your site.
  8. To take advantage of Alexa’s relationship with Google.com.
  9. To improve your search engine optimization.
  10. To help webmasters and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your website. The better your Alexa rank, the higher they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your website.
  11. To develop more business. The better ranked in Alexa, the more business because the user will trust your website and feel very confident in dealing with you. A higher ranking in Alexa is in every company’s best interest.
  12. To form an accurate view of your traffic. Alexa focuses more on the traffic that websites receive rather than on links to it. We can safely say that Alexa ranking might be the right solution as a website monetization strategy.

Why do webmasters need Alexa rank enhancement?

  1. To foster a good image for their sites: For example, an e-business website with a poor Alexa rank could make customers doubt its reliability and thus exert an undesirable effect on sales.
  2. To gain ads. Nowadays, many advertisers would like to designate websites with an Alexa rank within 100,000 or 50,000 or even lower.
  3. To increase ad earnings: For a website with abundant traffic, ads published on it could bring the webmaster money. The lower the Alexa rating, the higher the ad earnings.
  4. To raise funds: A website with a low Alexa rank is more attractive to investors.

Why chose Rankage?

  1. Stability of Alexa ranking: In the last five years, our technique has never been out of date due to Alexa algorithm changes. At present, the Alexa algorithm has newly included parameters like Keywords, Click stream, and so on; thus, purely increasing traffic is no longer effective. But we still can enhance your Alexa rank as you desire.
  2. Privacy guarantee: We have enhanced Alexa rank for thousands of clients so far, including many famous companies. You should trust their choice.
  3. If the enhancing effect is not achieved, a full refund is guaranteed.
  4. We have ample experience in Alexa rank improvement. We have been providing Alexa rank improvement services for five years already. 90% of our clients continue their business cooperation with us.